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Power of Tranquility

"Come Back to Your Inner-Self"

in a peaceful setting

by Cobbetts Pond in Windham, NH


Reiki & Biofield Tuning Sound Treatments

Reiki Treatment

The  Healing  Touch  of   'Reiki'

... assists the physical body's own healing ability to operate effectively and efficiently.

Reiki  'Distance'  Healing

... a full Reiki treatment can be sent to someone with exactly the same effectiveness as if in person.

distance healing

 Biofield  Tuning

... is sound based, using tuning forks in the human Biofield (also known as "Aura" or "Chi") which surrounds and permeates our bodies. It is inextricably connected with our conscious and sub conscious mind. All our memories are encompassed in our "Biofield".

Biofield  'Distance'  Tuning

... will provide the same profound and powerful outcome as if in person.

Biofield Distance Tuning

The  Sonic  Meridian  Flush

... a spa-like treatment, using tuning forks and crystals 'on' the body from head to toe.

Cobbetts Pond AM

Tuesday  through  Saturday

The  Boathouse  is  NOW OPEN  for  'In-Person'  Sessions

'Distance Healings' always available

Peaks Above Clouds

"From tranquility emerges power and strength"

C. Joy Bell